Real Rural Radio started as a response to a growing sense of community here in the South end of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, temperate and at times equally extreme it is a welcoming climate with seasons and challenges and really remarkable people.

So we developed an eclectic music library and then went to work finding a wealth of community information programs that educate and inform our local community of the many challenges and needs we all face living in the modern world.

Freedom expressed in Voices. Thank you for participating.

Democracy Now!

Peace Talks Radio  Monday 7:00am
Thom Hartmann and the News        Daily at 5 pm and 11 p.m.
Brad Friedman   Monday through Saturday 7pm and 7am
Jim Hightower  Daily interspersed through the day.
Radio Eco Shock        Wednesday 10pm Sunday 10 pm
The Eco Centric   with Kootenay Radio  Wednesday & Saturday 10 am
Green News Report  Daily
TUC Radio   see schedule for info.
E-Town  Sunday & Tuesday’s 8 pm
Rebel Radio  Wednesday 9 pm
Barn Dance  Sunday 10 am to noon
Common Dreams is not an audio program but a great source for news and reports on current developing world events.  Please recall that international events are local to those affected.



Welcome to KSOW-lp’s new web site. Currently in composition, this is where we hope to focus our trade and transactions with the larger community. This includes listeners and content providers exceeding the range of our terrestrial broadcasts with the lpfm.

Please note that this site is for all of us here in Cottage Grove, Oregon. The intention of the oversight team for KSOW-lp, Real Rural Radio, is to have this location serve as a portrait for Cottage Grove, its residents, organizations, business’s and traditions.

It is hoped that this blog space will serve as the people’s page, a community calendar and a central networking point for the community. This site is maintained by Real Rural Radio and KSOW-lp, we are self taught, learning daily and are dependent on your feedback to complete the content of the site and supply some vigor, as well.

One essential element of this collaboration is Fun. Certainly there are significant elements of responsibility, professionalism and some work involved in sustaining the project, enterprise. But if it lacks this equally important component, Fun. Why bother?

So thank you, for participating thus far and let’s see what we can make of it!

The Real Rural Radio Team, Meadowlark Farm and KSOW-lp

A Current Schedule and further program information can be found here.

To support KSOW-lp’s broadcast expense a link is provided below:

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